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Reproducibility Does Not Equa...

Reproducibility Does Not Equal Truth

The CMCI Reproducibility in Sciences working group, or SciRep for short, has been meeting since the fall of 2015. Today, their most recent publication, “Scientific discovery in a model-centric framework: Reproducibility, innovation, and epistemic diversity,” was published in PLOS ONE. Congratulations! The American Council on Science and Health also picked up the story with their […]

Modeling Chlamydia Infection ...

Working Group leader: Lihong Zhao Group members: Yusuf Omoson (Morehouse School of Medicine), German Enciso (UC Irvine), Ming Tan (UC Irvine), Scott Grieshaber Originated: April, 2019 Description: This working group is interested in using mathematical modeling to understand the association of microbial dynamics in the genital tract of female mice with Chlamydia infection. They will […]

Muc7 Models of Peptide Glycos...

Working Group leader: Kristopher Waynant Group members: Darren Thompson, Tyler Siegford, Tanner Hahn Originated: March 1, 2019 Description: Modeling efforts of Muc7 homologs for understanding possible glycosylation patterning that will allow for bacterial agglutination. Using the preliminary results from this data we are attempting to synthesize the first of these analogs. We hope to see […]

Geospatial Modeling (GM)

Updated: February 2021 Working Group leader: Erich Seamon Group members: Bruce Godfrey, Paul Gessler, Raymond Dezzani, Roger Lew, Jason Karl, Vincent Jansen, Marshall Ma, Luke Sheneman, Naveen Joseph, Alan Kolok, Daniel Cronan, David Tank, Felix Liao, William Wang, Kristina Bartowitz Schedule: TBD Description: The Geospatial Modeling (GM) Working Group will explore and propose platforms and methodologies for performing spatially-explicit modeling across […]


Working Group leader: Dan Weinreich Group members: Tanya Miura, Andreas Vasdekis, Brenda Rubenstein, Craig Miller, David Morgan, Jagdish Patel, JT VanLeuven, Jonathan Barnes, Kyle Martin, Marty Ytreberg, Paul Rowley Originated: November, 2018 Description: This working group is interested in empirical and theoretical approaches for understanding epistasis and its evolutionary consequences.

EPSCoR Track-2 Genome to Phen...

Working Group leader: Marty Ytreberg Group members: Andreas Vasdekis, Craig Miller, Tanya Miura, Paul Rowley, Holly Wichman, Chris Marx, Jagdish Patel, JT Van Leuven, Jean-Marc Gauthier, Brian Clevely, Brenda Rubenstein, Dan Weinreich, Mandar Naik, Brent Lockwood, Melissa Pespeni Originated: October 2018 Description: The purpose of this working group is to discuss issues that are potentially important to […]

Reproducibility in Sciences W...

Reproducibility in Sciences Working Group Highlighted

The CMCI Working Group, Reproducibility in Sciences or SciRep for short, was recently highlighted in the Lewiston Tribune. The group is comprised of a marketer, a philosopher, a statistician and a computer scientist. They are looking for ways to improve traditional research methods by examining an emerging pattern that shows results from many scientific studies […]

Machine Learning (ML)

Working Group leader: Fuchang (Frank) Gao Group members: Audrey Fu, Min Xian, Aleksandar Vakanski, James Foster, Linh Nguyen, Boyu Zhang Originated: August 2018 Description: This group studies various machine learning methods/models and their application with two primary goals: Bring together researchers on machine learning and discuss the most recent models/algorithms/applications. To facilitate research collaboration among participants […]

Seeking Summer Brown Bag Lunc...

As summer begins, please note that the CMCI Brown Bag Lunches will continue on Mondays at 12:30pm in the Collaboratorium (IRIC 352). BBLs are a great opportunity for Working Groups to present updates on what they’ve been doing during the academic year or what they plan on doing in the future. If you are the […]

CMCI Calendar Updates

If you have had recurring working group reservations in the Collaboratorium for the Spring 2018 semester, please be aware that most have ended and you will need to make a new reservation if you plan on meeting through the summer. You can see all current working groups on the CMCI calendar. If you would like […]