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Jagdish Patel

Research Assistant Professor Department of Biological Sciences
Office IRIC 333
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Jagdish Patel is a molecular modeling researcher. Jagdish is directly responsible for the IMCI modeling core initiative project involving development and application of new approaches for the better prediction of the effect of missense variation in the proteins. He also works collaboratively with other staff postdocs and faculties on IMCI projects coming into the modeling core from the University of Idaho biomedical community.

Jagdish uses molecular dynamics and enhanced sampling techniques for studying “rare events” such as protein-ligand interactions, protein-protein interactions, folding/unfolding, and ion transfer via protein channels. He has experience in protein structure prediction using homology modeling, sequence analysis, modeling drug-target interactions using docking, virtual screening of libraries of small molecules against its target to identify ‘hits’ and prediction of their physio-chemical properties. He also performs free energy calculations to test the effects of mutations on molecular structure and is developing new approaches for calculating free energy with speed & accuracy and molecular dynamics simulations of systems involving protein, DNA, and RNA molecular models.

Feature articles: College of Science, Idaho Press Tribune

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