Why start a working group?

This would be a good place to tell people what IMCI expects out of a working group and what the group gets in return. What are the responsibilities of a group leader? How and how often will we communicate?

What else do we want/need to tell them? Instructions about goals and timeline?

All Working Group members automatically become IMCI participants. Explain this. With links to subscribe to listserv and join online directory?

Here’s a genius thought: What if the confirmation message goes to everyone on the working group? A welcome message. (working on this…) With links. Subscribe to listserv, submit info to directory. A first message to (potentially) new-to-IMCI peeps.

Working group leader receives a confirmation email when group is formed? Could include additional information. Reference items for the future. How to apply for a Pilot Grant!! We want to funnel new people to the next step. Make it obvious. You participate in BBL… then start a working group… apply for a pilot… get published… etc etc

OH! OH! OH!!!! What about a working group BBL featuring jeopardy!?!