IMCI Initiatives

IMCI helps faculty locate and secure external grant funding through our Modeling Access Grant Program and Data Access Grant Program.  We also support research through IMCI Pilot Project Grants.

Call for White Papers

Funding for modeling-based biomedical research is available through NIH COBRE P20GM104420. Two page white papers will be used to select projects that will be invited for full proposals. We will determine whether that invitation will be for a Research Project Grant or Pilot Grant based on eligibility criteria of the parent award. White papers are due by midnight April 24, 2023. Please review the Call for White Papers guidelines in detail.

Submitting a Proposal through IMCI

Do you plan on submitting a proposal that includes a modeling component? If so we might be a great resource to you and your research team. Please reach out at least 30 days prior to the proposal submission deadline and 45 days prior for those proposals that involve subawards. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Email IMCI Director Holly Wichman with a brief description of the proposal to ensure that it falls under our mission.
  2. Once confirmed, forward Holly’s approval and the funding announcement to Joel Knisley.   Do this as early as possible in the proposal planning process. The earlier you do this, the more we can help you.
  3. Create your proposal in VERAS, listing “IMCI” in section 3.2.
  4. Work with the IMCI Office to develop the budget and budget justification and other aspects of the proposal as needed.
  5. Contact Holly if you need other help or advice with the scientific aspects of proposal.
  6. A listing of IMCI supported external grant funded projects is available for review.
  7. Grant proposal preparation resources are available at

Other Resources

To identify other potential funding resources, visit the Office of Research and Faculty Development website, Pivot page.  Pivot is a searchable funding opportunities database.  Visit the Pivot page to learn more.

You can find additional research-related resources at the university by:

  • Bookmarking the Office of Research and Faculty Development website, Faculty Development and Training page
  • Subscribing to the OSP listserv to receive communications from ORED on proposal opportunities, research tips, and policy and electronic systems updates