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Drug Discovery

Working Group leader: Marty Ytreberg Group members: Matthew Bernards, Patrick Hrdlicka, Tanya Miura, Jagdish Patel, Paul Rowley, Soumya Srivastava, Kris Waynant, Holly Wichman, Jonathan Barnes, Suki Li Originated: February 2021 Description: We will be brainstorming ideas on how the U of I can build a center that has a focus on drug discovery. Discussion includes possible […]

Paper Explores Use of Shell M...

Paper Explores Use of Shell Material to Gather DNA From Mollusks

This research isn’t associated with IMCI but Christine Parent and Lisette Waits are both IMCI participants and we love touting good news. Kelly Martin, a biology doctorate student, and two faculty members, including Christine Parent, associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, and Lisette Waits, distinguished professor in the College of Natural Resources, jointly produced a paper on […]

Biology Professor Recognized ...

Jim Bull is an essential IMCI participant. He is a member of our Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) and participates in several working groups. The U of I is lucky to have him! View the original press release here. February 17, 2021 College of Science Professor Jim Bull has been recognized as the 2021 Arts and Sciences Distinguished […]

Working Group on Belief Forma...

Working Group leader: Holly Wichman Group members: Jeff Bailey, Bert Baumgaertner, Jim Bull, Traci Craig, Florian Justwan, Craig Miller, Dilshani Sarathchandra Originated: January 2021 Description: Working Group on Belief Formation explores how beliefs and opinions are formed. This is approached from a multidisciplinary perspective. One goal is to foster logical thinking in our students.

Watershed Geography and Carci...

Working Group leader: Alan Kolok Group members: Naveen Joseph Originated: January 2021 Description: This group is focused upon evaluating the relationship between water quality in surface and groundwater and its links to adverse human health impacts, particularly cancer.

Song Gao is Seminar Speaker J...

Song Gao is Seminar Speaker January 14

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend the first Seminar Series of the year. “Mapping Multiscale Human Mobility Changes and Geospatial Modeling of COVID-19 Spread“presented by Dr. Song Gao,Director of Geospatial Data Science Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison Thursday, January 14, 2021, 12:30 pm PST via Zoom. (Email IMCI or IBEST for the Passcode.) Abstract: To contain […]

What’s your COVID-19 exposure

What’s your COVID-19 exposure risk in a gathering?

Thank you to reporter Kyle Pfannenstiel for highlighting some of U of I’s COVID-19 modeling efforts, as originally published in the Post Register. If you’ll be at the dinner table with people you don’t live with this week, research from the University of Idaho can help you gauge how likely you are to bump into someone who […]

It Takes a Village (and a Res...

This article was written by Alexiss Turner, Marketing and Communications Manager from the College of Engineering, for the recently published “Here We Have Idaho” magazine. IMCI and many of our faculty participants have been very involved in the COVID-19 pandemic response. We are proud to be part of the many research efforts campus-wide that continue […]

Spring 2021 Carpentries Works...

Spring 2021 Carpentries Workshops Announced

The Carpentries training program aims to improve data literacy and reproducible science. IMCI sponsors the University of Idaho as a member in the organization. Postdocs and graduate students will run 3 workshops this spring for upper-level undergraduate students, new graduate students and anyone else interested in good-practices in data management and analysis. STUDENTS can register […]

Register to Attend a Carpentr...

The topics of upcoming workshops are always up for discussion and depend on your input. If you have workshops suggestions or requests, please email JT Van Leuven. If you are a student wishing to take any of these courses for academic credit, please register via the U of I Course Schedule. SPRING 2021 WORKSHOPS Unix, […]