IMCI Request for White Papers
IMCI Requests White Papers
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Funding for modeling-based biomedical research is available through NIH COBRE P20GM104420. Two-page white papers will be used to select projects that will be invited for full proposals. Invitations will be for a Research Project Grant or Pilot Grant based on eligibility criteria of the parent award. White Papers are due by midnight April 24, 2023.

IMCI Invites DAG Grant Applications
IMCI Invites DAG Grant Applications
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IMCI invites applications for our Data Access Grant initiative. DAGs support research that involves modeling from any field. This initiative enables researchers to generate preliminary data for research grant proposals. Applications will be accepted April 3rd thru April 30th.

Seamon, Idaho Health Grant
Recent grant to bring comprehensive health data to Idaho for the first time
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County-level health data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) will soon be at our fingertips as a result of $92,000 federally funded state grant awarded to Institute for Modeling and Collaboration Innovation (IMCI) research scientist Eric Seamon and Clinical Associate Professor and public health practitioner Helen Brown. This is the first time in Idaho history that health data at such a comprehensive level will be widely accessible.

Paul Rowley
U of I Professor Paul Rowley
Awarded NSF CAREER Grant
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U of I Department of Biological Sciences Assistant Professor Paul Rowley has been awarded a $900,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to support his project “Cellular Mechanisms of Killer Toxin Resistance in Yeasts”.

Chris Marx
U of I Professor Chris Marx
Awarded DOE Grant
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U of I Department of Biology Professor Chris Marx has been awarded a $1.4 million grant from the Department of Energy to support his project “Converting methoxy groups on lignin-derived aromatics from a toxic hurdle to a useful resource: a systems-driven approach”. This project involves…

Eva Top
Eva Top, Professor Emerita, Awarded NSF Grant
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Eva Top, professor emerita, biological sciences, was awarded a National Science Foundation grant that will determine how horizontal gene transfer in a microbial community impacts the evolutionary trajectories of mobile antibiotic resistance genes. The spread of drug resistance to pathogens is influenced by horizontal gene transfer.

Lihong Zhao
Lihong Zhao, Former IMCI Post Doc, Receives AAI Intersect Fellowship Support
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Former IMCI Post Doc, Lihong Zhao, will receive one year financial support from an AAI Intersect Fellowship for Computational Scientists and Immunologists. The fellowship provides independent research scientists with support for postdoctoral fellows to cross-train between computational science and basic immunological bench research.

Atlantic Article
U of I Scientists’ Work
Appears in the Atlantic
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Moscow, Idaho scientist Tanya Miura, Department of Biological Sciences, and other University of Idaho researchers are mentioned in the Atlantic article “The Double-Whammy COVID-Flu” by Roxanne Kamsi.

New Equipment Purchases
IMCI Purchases New Equipment for University Researchers
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IMCI has recently purchased a Biotage Initiator-Alstra Microwave Peptide Synthesizer and a BioRad QX200 AutoDG Droplet Digital PCR System for the U of I Research Community.

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