IMCI has purchased the following equipment for U of I researchers. If you would like to use any of this equipment for your own projects, please contact the person listed below. And remember, if you use the equipment, please cite the grant.

EquipmentDescriptionPurchase DateLocationContact
Spectral Cell SorterInvitrogen BigfootJune 2022IDAC (LSS 450)Raquel Simao Gurge
Biomolecular ImagerAmersham Image Quant 800June 2022Molecular Biology Core (Gibb 242)Raquel Simao Gurge
Digital PCR SystemBioRad QX200 AutoDG Droplet Digital PCR SystemJun 2021IBEST Genomics Resources Core (IRIC 252)Dan New
Peptide SynthesizerBiotage Initiator-Alstra Microwave Peptide SynthesizerMay 2021Chemistry (Renfrew 218)Kristopher Waynant
Genome SequencerPacific Biosciences Sequel IIMay 2019IBEST Genomics Resources Core (IRIC 252)Dan New
Rotor and PhenoboothSinger Instruments Rotor (bench top robot for microbial array manipulation) and PhenoBooth (for colony imaging)Jan 2018IDAC (LSS 242)Raquel Simao Gurge
In Vivo Imaging SystemIVIS Lumina III Optical Imager from Perkin-ElmerJan 2018Laboratory Animal Research Facility (Gibb 54a)Shirley Luckhart
Micro-calorimeterAffinity Isothermal Titration Calorimeter Low Volume – Gold CellsOct 2016Molecular Biology Core (Gibb 242)Chris Marx
CytometerBeckman Coulter CytoFLEX S Flow CytometerNov 2016IDAC(LSS 450)Raquel Simao Gurge
Confocal MicroscopeNikon CrestOptics X-Light Confocal MicroscopeJune 2023IDAC (LSS 447)Raquel Simao-Gurge