IMCI supports groups preparing to submit grant proposals within the next year through the Modeling Access Grant (MAG) Program. MAGs are the bridge between a great idea and an actual project. They do not provide funding but rather provide expertise in writing the modeling aspects of a grant proposal, including developing preliminary models for inclusion in the proposal.

The Modeling Access Grant Program program is intended for faculty with modeling needs outside of their own area of expertise who would like to develop a modeling component to a research project and who intend to submit a proposal within the next year. The objective is to substantially strengthen the research by adding a modeling component. The access grant will provide dedicated time with Collaboratorium personnel for developing models, preparing the modeling aspects of a grant proposal, and potentially write a manuscript. MAGs are expected to be completed within a predetermined amount of time but they often grow into other projects.

Currently, IMCI is sponsoring the following Modeling Access Grants:

Title: Synergistic mutations allow for antibody resistance in respiratory syncytial virus
PI: Tanya Miura
Team members: Jonathan Barnes

Title: Using molecular modeling to assess structural conservation of KP4-Like proteins and their potential as antifungals
PI: Paul Rowley
Team members: Jonathan Barnes

Modeling Access Grants that have been awarded in the past are listed here.

If you would like to be considered for a Modeling Access Grant, please visit our Funding Opportunities page.