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Become a Carpentries Instructor

IMCI is continuing its support of our Carpentries workshops so that another cohort of instructors can participate in pedagogy training and become Carpentries instructors. IMCI asks you to teach at least one workshop or co-teach two workshops at U of I after we sponsor your training.

For BCB graduate students, helping with these workshops may satisfy the teaching requirements of your degree (contact Dr. Tank for details).

For postdocs and graduate students wanting teaching experience, we will set up the workshops as official BCB504 courses. 

The instructor training does not teach technical skills but is a way to brush up on teaching methods, best practices for live-coding, and how to facilitate an inclusive learning environment. Of note, Carpentries-trained instructors have the option of being part of a nation-wide pool of instructors available for hire (paid travel) by other institutions.

For more information, contact JT Van Leuven or feel free to email any of the past instructors.

If you are interested in becoming a Carpentries instructor,
please reach out to

Summer Boot Camp Registration Open

Summer Boot Camp Registration Open

University of Idaho students, staff and faculty are invited to participate in the

Remote Summer Boot Camp –
Computing, Data & Visualization

June 8-12, 2020

hosted by the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) and Collaborative Computing Center (C3) in collaboration with the CAES universities: Boise State University, Idaho State University, University of Idaho, and University of Wyoming.

Registration is required.

The workshops in software carpentry and introductions to computational modeling and data science tools includes hands-on programming using R, Python, bash, and git, as well as a seminar series and discussion panel. No prior knowledge of the tools to be presented is needed.

Presenters include Eric Jankowski (BSU), Travis Seaborn (UI), Amanda Stahlke (UI), James Van Leuven (UI), Mike Henry (BSU), Salvador Castenda (UI), Lan Li (BSU), Jagdish Patel (UI), Larry Aagesen (INL), Min Long (BSU), Lawrence Spear (Tao C2), Alejandro Strachan (Purdue), and Dilpuneet Aidhy (UW).

Learn more, review requirements and see the agenda here.

All-Hands Virtual Poster Session

IMCI is hosting a virtual poster session as part of the GenoPheno All-Hands meeting for the EPSCoR Track-2 project on May 28-29. You are invited to participate.

We are asking each presenter to create a 1-minute YouTube video that briefly introduces your research. A link to these “elevator pitch” videos will be included with the list of posters, so participants can easily decide which poster presentations to attend.

Each participant will be assigned a time slot to present and given a specific Zoom meeting ID.

Complete the following form if you wish to participate.

GenoPheno Virtual Poster SIGN UP

Once you have determined a title, have a YouTube video and a .pdf or .pttx file, please come back to submit those poster details and be assigned a time slot and Zoom meeting ID.

GenoPheno Virtual Poster DETAILS

Academic Poster Templates Available

Academic Poster Templates Available

If you are preparing to present a poster representative of IMCI-related research, feel free to use one of the following templates. Each has been carefully designed using the university’s brand and IMCI logo and includes placeholders and text to help you create a simple and succinct presentation. Click on the image of your choice to download a PowerPoint file.

We recommend you use IBEST’s CRC to print your poster.

Poster Presentation Template #1

Poster Presentation Template #2

Poster Presentation Template #3

Poster Presentation Template #4

Growing Team Research

Nearly 60 scientists from across campus came together to brainstorm possible interdisciplinary research topics on January 30 and February 6. We were excited by the lively discussion and thrilled that 12 different small groups formed.

If you are interested in joining any of the following research groups, email or contact the group lead.

You can also join the discussions via Slack.


  • Binding Interactions
    Lead: Kristopher Waynant,
  • Biological Network Analysis
    Lead: Hasan Jamil,
  • Cytokine Storms
    Lead: Peter Allen,
  • Data Visualization
    Lead: Barrie Robison,
  • Drug Design
    Lead: Paul Rowley,
  • Economic Impact
    Lead: Greg Alward,
  • Invasive Species
    Lead: James Nagler,
  • Pediatric Cancer and Water Quality
    Lead: Alan Kolok,
  • Public Health in Idaho
    Lead: Helen Brown,
  • Science of Team Science
    Lead: James Foster,
  • Single Cell Stress Response
    Andreas Vasdekis,
  • Threat Detection
    Leads: Frank Gao,; Jennifer Johnson-Leung,; Linh Nguyen,