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Drug Discovery

Working Group leader: Marty Ytreberg Group members: Matthew Bernards, Patrick Hrdlicka, Tanya Miura, Jagdish Patel, Paul Rowley, Soumya Srivastava, Kris Waynant, Holly Wichman, Jonathan Barnes, Suki Li Originated: February 2021 Description: We will be brainstorming ideas on how the U of I can build a center that has a focus on drug discovery. Discussion includes possible […]

Working Group on Belief Forma...

Working Group leader: Holly Wichman Group members: Jeff Bailey, Bert Baumgaertner, Jim Bull, Traci Craig, Florian Justwan, Craig Miller, Dilshani Sarathchandra Originated: January 2021 Description: Working Group on Belief Formation explores how beliefs and opinions are formed. This is approached from a multidisciplinary perspective. One goal is to foster logical thinking in our students.

Watershed Geography and Carci...

Working Group leader: Alan Kolok Group members: Naveen Joseph Originated: January 2021 Description: This group is focused upon evaluating the relationship between water quality in surface and groundwater and its links to adverse human health impacts, particularly cancer.

What’s your COVID-19 exposure

What’s your COVID-19 exposure risk in a gathering?

Thank you to reporter Kyle Pfannenstiel for highlighting some of U of I’s COVID-19 modeling efforts, as originally published in the Post Register. If you’ll be at the dinner table with people you don’t live with this week, research from the University of Idaho can help you gauge how likely you are to bump into someone who […]

It Takes a Village (and a Res...

This article was written by Alexiss Turner, Marketing and Communications Manager from the College of Engineering, for the recently published “Here We Have Idaho” magazine. IMCI and many of our faculty participants have been very involved in the COVID-19 pandemic response. We are proud to be part of the many research efforts campus-wide that continue […]

Disease Deadliness And Willin...

Congratulations to IMCI participants on their recent publication in PLOS Medicine. The following news story was produced by the Mountain West News Bureau. View the original article here. A newly published study out of the University of Idaho suggests that the higher perceived risk of a disease, the more likely someone is to vaccinate. The researchers surveyed […]

Animals’ Susceptibility to Co

The following article highlights research funded through IMCI. The original news release was written by Ralph Bartholdt in University of Idaho Communications and Marketing. MOSCOW, Idaho — Sept. 17, 2020 — Whether coronavirus can use farm animals or North American bats as intermediate hosts to spread the novel pathogen SARS-CoV2 is being explored by three University […]

University of Idaho Receives ...

MOSCOW, Idaho — Aug. 13, 2020 — The University of Idaho has secured a grant of nearly $11 million from the National Institutes of Health to support continued modeling for biomedical research at U of I’s Institute for Modeling Collaboration and Innovation (IMCI). The funding comes as Phase 2 of a Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) grant […]

U of I Researchers Improve Re...

A team from the College of Science wants to improve the restraint devices used during injections of the greater wax moth larvae, a common laboratory animal. Injecting laboratory animals can be dangerous for researchers due to accidental needlesticks containing pathogenic microorganisms. In PLOS ONE, the team published designs for two new devices that reduce the […]