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Climate and Health

Working Group leader: Erich Seamon

Group members: Jonathan Barnes, Sarah Bassing, Nurbanu Bursa, Matt Falcy, Jean-Marc Gauthier, Xiao Hu, Jennifer Johnson-Leung, Ginny Lane, Hussain Qazaq, Dilshani Sarathchandra, Terence Soule, Klas Udekwu, James Van Leuven, Meng Zhao, Helen Brown

Originated: August 2023

Description: This working group will explore research efforts that connect climate change with health outcomes, with a focus on hypotheses that span across biological, computational, and social science areas.

Control of Antimicrobial Resistance Emergence (CARE)

Working Group leader: Esteban Hernandez-Vargas, Klas Udekwu

Group members: Alejandro Anderson, Matt Kinahan, Ishmael Staples

Originated: July 2023

Description: This working group will develop the mathematical foundations to predict antibiotic-resistant and -susceptible bacteria population dynamics. Computational algorithms will indicate the best chronological order and respective duration of each antibiotic.

Standards of Evidence Working Group

Working Group Leader: Bert Baumgaertner

Group Members: Florian Justwan, Kendal Mitton, Chenangnon Tovissode

Originated: January 2023


This working group uses both modeling and empirical investigations to understand the role that evidentiary standards play when individuals evaluate claims. We are interested in the systematic ways standards of evidence differ across various types of claims (e.g. political vs scientific) and the determinants of these systematic differences, including base rates (priors) vs likelihoods, in-group vs outgroup, confirmation vs disconfirmation, prospective vs retrospective, and general public vs political elites.

Mathematical Immunology

Working Group Leader: Tanya Miura. Esteban Vargas, Jean-Marc Gauthier

Group members: Pallavia Deol, Eugenia Yeboah, Rodolfo Blanco Rodriguez, Benjamin Whipple

Originated: November 8, 2022


The Mathematical Immunology Working Group will develop mathematical models to explain the roles of immune responses during respiratory viral infections.

PIPP Molecular Modeling (MoMo)

Working Group Leader: Marty Ytreberg

Group Members: Jonathan Barnes, Jagdish Patel, America Chi

Originated: December 15, 2022


MoMo will brainstorm ideas to participate in the pandemic preparedness proposal that will be led by University of Texas, Austin.