The Institute for Modeling Collaboration and Innovation supports the University of Idaho’s mission to shape the future through innovative thinking, community engagement and transformative education. Specifically, some of our goals at IMCI are:

  1. to increase faculty involvement in model-based research university-wide and
  2. to increase federal funding to Idaho.

What does this mean to you?

If you are U of I faculty…

IMCI has the means to help faculty from any college or department submit grant proposals with a modeling component to acquire external funding. If you aren’t already including modeling in your research, you should think about it. Modeling improves research at every stage.

We also provide support, mentoring, new collaborations, and a safe place to think outside the box. As one IMCI faculty participant recently stated –

They were willing to run with a crazy idea that nobody thought would work.

If you are a U of I student…

We can provide opportunities to gain real world research experience outside of the classroom. Graduate and undergraduate students are active participants in workshops, seminars and working groups. The working group structure fosters communication and open dialogue from all members.

For the local science community…

Our working groups often include participants from other universities. And regardless of affiliation, the community at large is always invited to our Seminar Series.

To our world-wide research colleagues…

Join us on the journey to scientific discovery by applying for employment or reaching out to collaborate with one of our modeling experts.

We welcome your participation

To get to know us, start by browsing the website. Then subscribe to the listserv and attend some of our events. Soon, you’ll be ready to submit a proposal or apply for a pilot grant.

We’ll see you in the Collaboratorium!