To enable researchers to generate preliminary data for research grant proposals, IMCI is awarding Data Access Grants (DAGs). These grants do not cover personnel; rather, they cover costs (generally <$4000) to generate needed data. Examples of services and items we will consider include DNA sequencing, ddPCR, cryo-EM, mass spectrometry, reagents for an experiment, data purchase, a pilot survey, or software. We will consider other requests in the range of a few thousand dollars with strong justification related to a specific modeling-based grant proposal. Any area of research that involves modeling will be considered. DAG deadlines will occur 4 times per year.  The next deadline is January 18th, 2022. Visit our Funding Opportunities page for information on how to apply. 

Currently, IMCI is sponsoring Data Access Grants for the following researchers:

Lee Fortunato
Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Diana Mitchell
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences