Travel & Reimbursement

Going somewhere? You might find the IMCI Travel Check List helpful. And don’t forget  – it’s a requirement for all university employees to file a Travel Request before you go!

By using this Travel Claim, you can ask for reimbursement as soon as travel costs are incurred. For example, you don’t have to wait until after you’ve traveled to be refunded the money you spent on airfare. However, please be sure to file a claim for all expenses within 15 days of returning home.

If you need reimbursement for expenses incurred that are NOT travel related, please use this form, the IMCI Non-Travel Claim.

If you are a NON-university employee, you will need to fill out and return a W9 before we can process reimbursement.

Request Meeting or Work Space

Our Collaboratorium, IRIC 352, is an ideal space for working group meetings. It’s furnished with AV equipment so you can include remote participants. Please use this Collaboratorium Meeting Request form to schedule the room.

If you would like to see what other meeting spaces are available in the IRIC, please see this Room Information. Click IRIC Conference Room Availability to see what rooms are open and then email Russell McClanahan to schedule.

We also has limited amount of desk space available to undergrads, graduate students and post docs who are working on IMCI-related projects. If you are interested in using this space, please fill out the Desk Space Request form.

Poster & Office Resources

Here’s some letterhead for you to use for IMCI-related correspondence.

You can also download the U of I branded IMCI logo (in the Division of Research and Economic Development section) and access U of I logos.

The best (and least expensive!) place to have posters printed on campus is through IBEST. Here’s the poster submission link.


Are you a new employee and wondering how to record your time worked? Check out the Time & Leave Entry Reference Guide – Employees and wonder no more.

If you are a supervisor, you’ll want to know how to approve the time entered by your employees. This Time & Leave Entry Reference Guide – Supervisor should help.

Grant Proposal Preparation

Helping you prepare your grant proposal is one of the services that IMCI offers U of I faculty. In addition to reaching out to Michele for grant support and development, you might find the following documents, forms, and samples helpful –

FY20 Budget Template (5 years) (excel file)

Proposal Subrecipient-Commitment Form (pdf)

Facilities and Resources SAMPLE (pdf)

Determination Form (Word doc)

NIH SF424 R&R Application Guide E (pdf)

NIH Biosketch Template E (Word doc)

NIH Other Support Template E SAMPLE (Word doc)

NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide 19-1 (pdf)

NSF Biosketch Template 19-1 (Word doc)

NSF Collaborators & Other Affiliations Template 19-1 (excel file)

NSF Current and Pending Support Template 19-1 (Word doc)


As a federally funded program, we are required to file progress and activity reports on a regular basis. This means we need to collect a variety of information from IMCI participants.

If you are a working group leader, please submit a Working Group Update Form 3 times a year – spring, summer and fall. Watch your email for due dates and reminders. You can also start a new working group at any time.

Occasionally, you might receive a request from Michele to start or update one of the following tracking worksheets:

  • Presentation Worksheet – Used for key IMCI participants to report presentations given.
  • Publications Worksheet – Used for keeping track of ALL submitted papers for publication. It’s important we record all manuscripts submitted, even if they are not successful, as each counts as “effort” on the project.
  • Grants Worksheet – Used to  track and report on ALL grants submitted and/or funded.