We have great people associated with IMCI and welcome additional participation at any time. Feel free to join – or start! – a working group, collaborate with fellow modelers, come to our weekly Brown Bag Lunch and/or subscribe to the listserv.

  • Collaboratorium Leadership – These are the people who make it happen! The leadership team consists of an Administrative Core, directed by Dr. Holly Wichman, and a Modeling Core.
  • Staff – IMCI staff consists of two main positions: Program Manager and Communications and Events Coordinator. But there are many other staff positions across campus affiliated with IMCI.
  • IMCI Postdoctorates & Fellows – These are the people who represent our Modeling Core. Their expertise spans molecular modeling, genomics, mathematical modeling, population genetics, machine learning and geospatial modeling.
  • Participating Faculty – Currently, our participating faculty represents more than 18 departments from 10 colleges across campus.
  • Participating Postdocs – We have several postdocs affiliated with IMCI who work directly with faculty in their appointed departments.
  • Students – Graduate and undergraduate students play a critical role within IMCI and we welcome their participation. (Even though most of them choose not to be listed in the online IMCI directory!)
  • Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) – The IAC meets 1-2 times per month and gives input on administrative, financial and scientific issues. They also act as on-site mentors to the Project Directors.
  • External Advisory Committee (EAC) – The EAC is an external group of accomplished professionals who provide non-biased insight and advice.

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