Nearly 60 scientists from across campus came together to brainstorm possible interdisciplinary research topics on January 30 and February 6. We were excited by the lively discussion and thrilled that 12 different small groups formed.

If you are interested in joining any of the following research groups, email or contact the group lead.

You can also join the discussions via Slack.


  • Binding Interactions
    Lead: Kristopher Waynant,
  • Biological Network Analysis
    Lead: Hasan Jamil,
  • Cytokine Storms
    Lead: Peter Allen,
  • Data Visualization
    Lead: Barrie Robison,
  • Drug Design
    Lead: Paul Rowley,
  • Economic Impact
    Lead: Greg Alward,
  • Invasive Species
    Lead: James Nagler,
  • Pediatric Cancer and Water Quality
    Lead: Alan Kolok,
  • Public Health in Idaho
    Lead: Helen Brown,
  • Science of Team Science
    Lead: James Foster,
  • Single Cell Stress Response
    Andreas Vasdekis,
  • Threat Detection
    Leads: Frank Gao,; Jennifer Johnson-Leung,; Linh Nguyen,