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Working Group on Belief Forma...

Working Group leader: Holly Wichman Group members: Jeff Bailey, Bert Baumgaertner, Jim Bull, Traci Craig, Florian Justwan, Craig Miller, Dilshani Sarathchandra Originated: January 2021 Description: Working Group on Belief Formation explores how beliefs and opinions are formed. This is approached from a multidisciplinary perspective. One goal is to foster logical thinking in our students.

Watershed Geography and Carci...

Working Group leader: Alan Kolok Group members: Naveen Joseph Originated: January 2021 Description: This group is focused upon evaluating the relationship between water quality in surface and groundwater and its links to adverse human health impacts, particularly cancer.

COVID-19 Modeling

Working Group leader: Jennifer Johnson-Leung Group members: Ben Ridenhour, Craig Miller, Erich Seamon, Tyler Meadows, Mohamed Megheib, Helen Brown, Dilshani Sarathchandra, Holly Wichman, Benji Oswald, Trevor Griffin, Chloe Dame, Felino Macatuno Originated: April 2020 Description: COVID-19 modeling, analysis, outreach, and campus support.

Dynamic Virtual Protein Proje...

Last week a University of Idaho team presented at the 25th VRST Symposium in Sydney, Australia, and won the Best Demo Award for their project “Dynamic Virtual Proteins: Visualization, Interaction and Collaboration in Virtual Reality.” In the world of virtual reality, the Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST) is among the top ten […]

Dynamic Virtual Protein (DVP)

Working Group leader: Jean-Marc Gauthier Group members: Jagdish Suresh Patel, Julio Gonzalez, Clayton Christensen Originated: April 2019 Description: This Working Group is part of the U of I’s NSF Track-2 EPSCOR Grant. They hold virtual reality meetings and user evaluation meetings weekly. The Dynamic Virtual Protein project is an app used to visualize and interact with […]

U of I Study: Some Vaccine Do...

This news article was written by Kathy Foss, Marketing and Communications Manager for the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences. Drs. Florian Justwan and Bert Baumgaertner are active CMCI faculty participants and part of the Social-Epi working group. MOSCOW, Idaho — Aug. 28, 2019 — People skeptical of the medical establishment who live close to […]

IMCI Postdocs

Working Group leader: JT VanLeuven Group members: William Wang, Erich Seamon, Li Huang, Mohamed Megheib Originated: August 2018 Description: The IMCI postdocs working group brings IMCI core fellows and postdocs together to provide each other a support system that helps peers to navigate the challenges at work. In addition, the working group provides a platform to […]

Genotypes to Phenotypes

Genotypes to Phenotypes

On June 17-19, the team working on the RII Track-2 FEC: Using Biophysical Protein Models to Map Genetic Variation to Phenotypes met in Moscow for their 2nd annual All-Hands meeting. This research is a collaborative effort between the University of Idaho, Brown University and the University of Vermont. There are over 60 participants in the […]

Reproducibility Does Not Equa...

Reproducibility Does Not Equal Truth

The CMCI Reproducibility in Sciences working group, or SciRep for short, has been meeting since the fall of 2015. Today, their most recent publication, “Scientific discovery in a model-centric framework: Reproducibility, innovation, and epistemic diversity,” was published in PLOS ONE. Congratulations! The American Council on Science and Health also picked up the story with their […]

Modeling Chlamydia Infection ...

Working Group leader: Lihong Zhao Group members: Yusuf Omoson (Morehouse School of Medicine), German Enciso (UC Irvine), Ming Tan (UC Irvine), Scott Grieshaber Originated: April, 2019 Description: This working group is interested in using mathematical modeling to understand the association of microbial dynamics in the genital tract of female mice with Chlamydia infection. They will […]