The College of Science recently announced the recipients of this year’s Hill Undergraduate Research Fellowships. We are proud to report that half of these diligent students are working with CMCI-affiliated faculty. Congratulations to:

  • Courtney Kennedy, for the project “Determining Antifungal Resistance Mechanisms in Yeast Using High Throughput Robotics” (working with Professor Paul Rowley)
  • David Richards, for the project “Effect of Donor-Recipient Ratio on Horizontal Viral Transmission Rates in Drosophila melanogaster (working with Professor Christine Parent)
  • Frankie Scholz, for the project “Antibody Escape Mutations in Respiratory Syncytial Virus” (working with Professor Tanya Miura)
  • Eli Smith, for the project “Multistability Analysis of Sound Effects on Binocular Vision” (working with Professor Linh Nguyen)

Read the press release and see past winners here.

Additionally, 2 out of 4 of the students who received extended College of Science Undergraduate Research Grants, are also affiliated with CMCI. Congratulations to:

  • Madison Bergeman, for the project “Effects of Sequential Co-infection of Viruses in Drosophila Adult Flies” (working with Professor Christine Parent)
  • Aaron Law, for the project “Evolution of Bacteria towards Plasmid Addiction” (working with Professor Eva Top)