Congratulations to James (JT) Van Leuven, who was recently awarded the U of I’s Outstanding Post-Doctoral Scholar/Fellow Award!

JT has been a postdoc at the Center for Modeling Complex Interactions (CMCI) for 3 years. CMCI is a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary endeavor where JT successfully utilizes his wide breadth of scientific skills. He is a member of several working groups, has given numerous oral presentations and is frequently involved in writing grant proposals and research publications. JT also coordinates CMCI’s weekly Brown Bag Lunch events and helps schedule seminar speakers.

“He is an important contributor to both the hands-on research / data analysis and the intellectual design and interpretation of experiments,” says Holly Wichman, CMCI Director. “A next-gen scientist.”

In addition to scholarly research, JT contributes to the university community by sitting on Staff Council and co-chairing the University of Idaho Postdoc Association.