Introduction to R for Reproducible Science

Workshop dates: Thursday and Friday, February 27-28, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Instructors: Lihong  Zhao and Amanda Culley

Description: This introductory course will showcase reproducible research through simple analysis examples. The goal is to teach novice programmers to write modular code and best practices for using R for data analysis. This 2-day hands-on short course will give participants a strong foundation in the fundamentals of R, and to teach best practices for scientific computing: breaking down analyses into modular units, task automation, and encapsulation. Note that this workshop will focus on teaching basic programming in R, and will not teach statistical analysis. No prior knowledge of R or RStudio is needed. More details can be found at

Requirements:Participants must bring a laptop with a Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system (not a tablet, Chromebook, etc.). Please ensure you have the latest version of R and RStudio installed on your machine.