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Mohamed Megheib

Postdoctoral Fellow IMCI
Office IRIC 342
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Biographical Info

Mohamed Megheib is a senior statistician and data scientist, who is working at Institute for Modeling Collaboration and Innovation (IMCI). Mohamed holds a Ph.D. and a M.S. in Statistics from George Washington University; a M.S. in Statistics from Cairo University; and a B.Sc. in Statistics and minor of Economic from Cairo University. He has over 10 years of experience in applied statistics, as a senior statistician at different international and local organizations. Mohmed is currently participating in four projects. He is actively involved in the project on COVID-19 that is funded as a supplement to the COBRE that supports IMCI. Mohamed is involved in a project with Dr. Helen Brown and fellow IMCI postdoc Erich Seamon analyzing the Behavioral Risk Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) on using a method called iterative proportional fitting to infer fine-scale geospatial distributions of health indicators. Also, he has been working with Dr. Audrey Fu on building model-based methods for inferring causality between the gene expression and methylation levels. Finally, Mohamed is joining geno-to-pheno project which focuses on developing a modeling framework that maps genetic variation through multiple phenotype levels.

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