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Nurbanu Bursa

Postdoctoral Fellow IMCI
IRIC 342
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Biographical Info

Nurbanu Bursa is a postdoctoral fellow in the Institute for Modeling, Collaboration and Innovation at University of Idaho as of July 2022. Previously, she was a research assistant at Hacettepe University in Turkey and she completed her Ph.D. and M.Sc. in the Department of Statistics at the same university. As a doctoral student, she studied Independent Component Analysis, which is the multivariate statistical method and dimension reduction technique. She proposed a new method for multicollinearity problems using it and mutual information, which is a concept in the field of entropy. While she was a M.Sc. student, to model credit default swaps, she studied Artificial Neural Networks, Detrended Fluctuation Method, and Arfima, which are the time series models.

Her academic research interests lie mostly in statistical modeling for real and large datasets using many statistical softwares such as R, MATLAB, STATA, EVIEWS, MINITAB, NCSS, JASP, IBM SPSS STATISTICS, IBM SPSS MODELER, IBM SPSS AMOS. Also, she lists her interests broadly as:

  • Applied statistics especially in health, renewable energy, climate change, and social media research
  • Applied econometrics especially in cryptocurrency research
  • Data and text mining
  • Machine learning techniques
  • Multivariate statistical methods
  • Nonparametric statistical methods
  • Probability distributions
  • Survey analysis
  • Time series analysis

Outside of academia, she loves hiking, taking photos, making videos, reading and telling anecdotes about famous people and rare events in the past and writing in Eksisozluk (in Turkey, a very similar website to Reddit).

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