The External Advisory Committee (EAC) is an external group of accomplished professionals who provide non-biased insight and advice.

Left to right: Harmit Malik, Fred Adler, Karen Guillemin, Irene Eckstrand.

Harmit Malik

Principal Investigator Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Website: Malik Lab
Photo of Harmit Malik

Biographical Info

Harmit Malik studied at Indian Institute of Technology where he received a degree in Chemical Engineering. He then joined the Ph.D. program in Biology at the University of Rochester, studying the evolutionary origins of retrotransposable elements.

Harmit is interested in a variety of problems that could all be classified under the genetics of evolutionary conflict. He studies rapidly evolving proteins as a hallmark of this kind of conflict, hoping to better understand the molecular nature of the conflict, as well as uncover previously unrecognized sources of conflict.

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