The External Advisory Committee (EAC) is an external group of accomplished professionals who provide non-biased insight and advice.

Left to right: Harmit Malik, Fred Adler, Karen Guillemin, Irene Eckstrand.

Karen Guillemin

Professor Department of Biology, University of Oregon
Photo of Karen Guillemin

Biographical Info

Karen Guillemin received her A.B. from Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges and her PhD. from Stanford School of Medicine, studying organ development in fruit flies. She stayed at Stanford School of Medicine as a postdoctoral fellow in microbiology studying bacterial pathogenesis. She joined the University of Oregon faculty as a member of the Department of Biology and the Institute of Molecular Biology, where she combined her interest in developmental biology and host-microbe interactions to study how animals coexist with their resident microbial communities in both health and disease, using model animals including the zebrafish. She is the founding director of the META Center for Systems Biology, devoted to understanding how host-microbe systems work and to using this knowledge to advance human health.

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