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Marty Ytreberg

Associate Director, IMCI Professor, Department of Physics
Phone: 208-885-6908 Website: Ytreberg Lab
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Dr. Ytreberg develops and uses molecular modeling techniques to understand protein structure, function and evolution. He is especially interested in determining the biophysical implications of protein evolution in viruses, and in determining the structure and function of intrinsically disordered proteins. Ytreberg leads an initiative within the Modeling Collaboratorium to improve methods of modeling protein structure and is the PI on an NSF Rapid Project aimed at understanding recent Ebola evolution.

Ytreberg leads the MoMo working group.

He is also PI on the RII Track-2 FEC: Using Biophysical Protein Models to Map Genetic Variation to Phenotypes (National Science Foundation award OIA-1736253). Learn more via the Genotypes to Phenotypes website.

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