These are the people who represent our Modeling Core. Their expertise spans molecular modeling, genomics, mathematical modeling, population genetics, machine learning and geospatial modeling.

Li Huang

Postdoctoral Fellow IMCI
IRIC 342
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Li Huang is a postdoctoral fellow in the socio-ecological systems working group of GEM3 program funded by Idaho EPSCoR. He has a Ph.D. in geography at University of Idaho and a M.S. in urban and regional planning at Peking University. While he is trained as a human geographer focusing on economic transitions and inequality in China, he is also interested in ecosystem services and human-environmental interactions in Idaho. Specifically, his research focuses on scenario modeling of landscape change by stakeholder involvement and geospatial modeling and visualization tools. He is also focusing on spatially explicit hydrological modeling and integration of land use, hydroclimate, and socio-economic scenarios with adaptive capacity studies of local species.

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