These are the people who represent our Modeling Core. Their expertise spans molecular modeling, genomics, mathematical modeling, population genetics, machine learning and geospatial modeling.

Tuan Phan

Postdoctoral Fellow IMCI
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Tuan Phan is currently working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Modeling
Collaboration and Innovation, University of Idaho, Moscow. He completed his Ph.D.
in Applied Mathematics in December 2020 at New Mexico State University under
the supervision of Dr. Jianjun Paul Tian. His research interest is about treating
biological and medical problems in epidemiology, cancer growth, immuno-oncology,
and microbiology. The goal of his research agenda is to construct mathematical
models in terms of Stochastic Differential Equations to count for data variations in
medical and biological experiments as well as clinical studies.

Tuan Phan is now actively participating in the Microbiome research group with Dr.
Christopher H. Remien, Dr. Benjamin J. Ridenhour, and postdoc Tyler Meadow. His
current project is to develop a general stochastic model that describes
microbial interactions mediated by resources in the environment and build up
an analysis tool to study the resilience of a microbiome, that is, how a microbiome
will respond when perturbed, for example by antibiotics or invasion by a pathogen.

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