IMCI is pleased to welcome Erich Seamon, a quantitative climatologist and data scientist, to the postdoctoral team. Seamon holds a MS in geological sciences from Bowling Green State University and a Ph.D. in Natural Resources from the University of Idaho. He has worked on several research team collaborations throughout the Pacific Northwest and thrives in this synergistic environment of dynamic, multi-disciplinary science research.

Seamon is the second postdoc to join us in as many months, which is reflective of our current geospatial modeling core initiative.

“Understanding the interactions and changing importance of model inputs can often times be just as valuable as the final predictive outcome,” said Seamon. “IMCI’s collaborative, team approach to complex systems is exactly the type of research I want to be engaged in.”

Eye of the Storm

Outside of his life full of numbers and quantitative research, Seamon is an artist. He paints abstract pieces that represent the intersection of chaos and organization – which is similar to the chaotic relationships of the climatic and atmospheric worlds he studies. “I’ve found that music and art are a nice offset to my research,” he said.