These are the people who represent our Modeling Core. Their expertise spans molecular modeling, genomics, mathematical modeling, population genetics, machine learning and geospatial modeling.

JT Van Leuven

Research Assistant Professor College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
IRIC 333 Website: Van Leuven Website
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JT Van Leuven is a Transcriptomic/Proteomic Modeling Researcher. JT is directly responsible for gene expression modeling related to Project 1 and Project 2 provides expertise in proteomics; and also works collaboratively with other postdocs on IMCI projects coming into the modeling core from other members of the University of Idaho biomedical community.

JT has a background in molecular biology and evolution. As a wet-lab molecular biologist, he has experience in protein/nucleic acid purification and quantification, nucleic acid manipulation, cell culture, and viral vector production. As a bioinformatician, he is familiar with analyzing NGS datasets to do genome/transcriptome assembly, differential expression analysis, and SNP quantification. In the past, he has used these methods to show how the nutritional symbionts of sap-feeding insects depend on their hosts. He is particularly interested in projects that improve our understanding of host-microbe and microbe-microbe interactions, including how these interactions influence the evolution of the partners.

VanLeuven also collaborates with the Viral Evolution and Modeling in Idaho Lab.

In April 2019, JT was awarded the U of I’s Outstanding Post-Doctoral Scholar/Fellow Award.

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