Working Group leader: Helen Brown

Group members: Christopher Murphy, Erich Seamon, Chris Williams, Nurbanu Bursa, Jennifer Hinds

Originated: November 2016


This working group started out as, “Small Area Estimation of Obesity-related Indicators (Modeling Obesity Indicators – MOI).”

MIH has continued to refine and expand work to generate small-area estimates (SAE) of Idaho health indicators at a county level using data from the American Community Survey (ACS) and Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS). We have worked to refine the model with the goal of identifying counties with higher prevalence of overweight, obesity and, diabetes. We created an interactive dashboard of the health indicators and are in process of expanding this work to include other health indicators.


Initiating a watch list for Ebola virus antibody escape mutations

Miller CR, Johnson EL, Burke AZ, Martin KP, Miura TA, Wichman HA, Brown CJ, Ytreberg FM (2016) Initiating a watch list for Ebola virus antibody escape mutations. PeerJ 4:e1674.