Working Group leader: Bryn Martin

Group members: Gordon Murdoch, Nathan Schiele, Gabriel Potirniche, Bert Tanner, Martin Mortazavi, Sajid Suriya

Originated: September 2017


This group is focused on measurement and modeling with respect to TBI.  In specific, we are carrying out an INBRE Pilot project research grant project entitled, “Investigating the Impact of Arachnoid Trabeculae on Brain Tissue Stresses in Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)”.  This work has involved:

  1. Biomechanical characterization of arachnoid trabeculae fibers
  2. Making a finite element model of the brain under sports related TBI that includes the presence of arachnoid trabeculae
  3. Parametric assessment to determine the impact of arachnoid trabeculae distribution and properties on brain tissue level stresses.

Our goal is to submit an R01 or R21 stemming from this project.  We would also like to develop techniques for targeted destruction / tagging of arachnoid trabeculae.