Working Group leader: Tanya Miura

Group members: Paul Rowley, Shunji Li, Angela Crabtree, Sierra Beach, Kevin Hutchinson, Laura Steiner, Jordan Richter, Mark Lee, Lance Fredericks

Originated: August, 2017


MoVIES is a group designed to bring together the two IMCI-affiliated eukaryotic virology labs at U of I to discuss empirical approaches to test computational predictions of molecular interactions. The principle eukaryotic viruses discussed will be Ebolavirus, RSV, SARS-coronavirus-2, and HIV.

Our goal is to develop a small community of researchers that will meet to discuss technical and scientific problems pertinent to laboratory experimentation in the context of molecular modeling. This group initially focussed on the setup of experimental systems in HIV, Ebolavirus and RSV that are robust and amenable to test computation predictions in line with the goals of the awarded EPSCoR track II grant. With recent funding to work on SARS-CoV-2, we have worked together to get tools and assays working for our experimental questions.


Initiating a watch list for Ebola virus antibody escape mutations

Miller CR, Johnson EL, Burke AZ, Martin KP, Miura TA, Wichman HA, Brown CJ, Ytreberg FM (2016) Initiating a watch list for Ebola virus antibody escape mutations. PeerJ 4:e1674.