Working Group leader: Jean-Marc Gauthier

Group members: Jagdish Patel, Julio Gonzalez, Clayton Christensen

Originated: April 2019

Description: This Working Group is part of the U of I’s NSF Track-2 EPSCOR Grant. They hold virtual reality meetings and user evaluation meetings weekly.

The Dynamic Virtual Protein project is an app used to visualize and interact with virtual proteins in virtual reality. The app covers all proteins referenced in the Protein Data Bank with the exception of proteins that contain DNA. The intended audience is for experts and non-experts in a multi-player environment. The team recently won an award for Best Demo at the Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology conference.

The Virtual Protein Builder is a research project focusing on real-time building of primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures of proteins. The group is developing an artificial intelligence-based interface for high-school students that follows the requests of the participants in a multi-player environment.