Working Group leader: Marty Ytreberg

Group members: Andreas Vasdekis, Craig Miller, Tanya Miura, Paul Rowley, Holly Wichman, Chris Marx, Jagdish Patel, JT Van Leuven, Jean-Marc Gauthier, Brian Clevely, Brenda Rubenstein, Dan Weinreich, Mandar Naik, Brent Lockwood, Melissa Pespeni

Originated: October 2018


The purpose of this working group is to discuss issues that are potentially important to all 50ish members of the EPSCoR Track-2 project. The goal of this group is to meet approximately bi-weekly during the academic year to discuss relevant topics to the project, e.g., publishing, grantsmanship, reporting, etc.

The full group met together for the first time in June, 2018.