Working Group leader: Craig Miller

Group members: Holly Wichman, LuAnn Scott, JT Van Leuven

Originated: June 2015


Previously operating as “Viral Attenuation,” this group is centered around the fX174 model system and using it (1) to test viral attenuation using synonymous recoding and (2) to test the ability of molecular modeling to predict viable vs inviable mutations in a viral coat protein.

We submitted an NIH proposal in 2017. It scored at the 19th percentile and we continue to wait for a funding decision. If the grant is funded, we will begin preparing to do the research therein; if not we will revise and resubmit the proposal. We also have a manuscript in preparation on synonymous recoding.


Selecting among three basic fitness landscape models: additive, multiplicative and stickbreaking

Miller, C.R., Leuven, J.T., Wichman, H.A., & Joyce, P. (2017). Selecting among three basic fitness landscape models: Additive, multiplicative and stickbreaking. Theoretical population biology.