Project Team: Paul Rowley (PI), Jagdish Patel

The interaction of host proteins with lentiviruses and other retroviruses and retrotransposons represents a major research theme of the Rowley lab. The proposed work fits well with the mission of the NIH and is a field of study that has traditionally been well supported. Dr. Rowley is fully committed to providing all the necessary support for the development of the molecular models and the production of supporting experimental data. Investigating the complex interactions that occur between the capsid protein of primate lentiviruses (including HIV) and human proteins, to understand the consequences of host evolution on viral replication. Then to identify key determinants of lentivirus-primate interaction, specifically between the Nup153p capsid-interacting motif and the HIV-1 capsid.  Use known crystal structures as templates for modeling the polymorphisms present within Nup153 variants.